Monday, January 21, 2019

New Zealand Adventure - Day 0

[Composed 1/5/2019]

Normally, a 'day 0' post is pretty mundane. I'd write how we caught a flight to our destination, and whatever travel inconveniences we had would pale in comparison to fact that we were officially on vacation.

But not this trip. Our adventure began with Shira surprising me with business class tickets to New Zealand. Boarding Group 1, all the way!

This trip was to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, so Shira felt it only proper to go all out. The 5 hour flight to Los Angeles, and the 14 hours on to New Zealand were actually a delight. I enjoyed warm cookies, an ice cream sundae, a cannoli, a cherry pie and 3 movies. I had a fitting night sleep where I was able to effectively lie all the way down. I could get used to this!

I couldn't ask for a better way to start our trip.

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