Friday, March 29, 2019

Fun With Lycra

MattShafter had a nifty video on creating simple mesh shoulder strap pockets. I picked up some of the fabric he mentioned (1209C Heavy Lycra Mesh) and last night had a chance to experiment with it. I don't have a need for shoulder strap pockets, so I whipped up a quick zippered pouch instead. This exercise let me play with the new fabric and gave me a chance to face the puzzle that is installing a zipper.

Here's the pouch coming together:

I wrapped the edges of the mesh in bright yellow fabric in the hopes of making the seams more robust. It appears to have worked. The catch: the zipper area shows some ratty edges of the yellow fabric which I definitely lose style points for. Personally, I'm just glad I managed to install a functional zipper with its right-side out.

The finished bag isn't much to look at, but it holds a surprising amount of volume. Also, the mesh has a durable feel to it. Here's me packing the pouch with a bunch of my EDC stuff crammed into it:

I'm not sure what I'll use this pouch for, nor am I sure what I'll tackle next with this material. But I'm impressed with its stretch, durability and general forgiveness in the hands of a newbie.

Here's the video that inspired me:

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