Friday, March 01, 2019

Very Tiny and Very Annoying | The War on Biofilm

Below is a pic of the Jefferson Memorial I caught on a run a few weeks ago.

Note the odd swath of white on the dome. My guess is that's due to the biofilm cleanup effort the National Park Services is undertaking. You wouldn't imagine "a colony of microscopic organisms" could do so much harm to the look of a monument. However, up until October of 2017 the biofilm covering the monument was easily winning the war, and us puny humans were powerless to fight back.

But before you surrender to our biofilm overlords, you'll be glad to know that through the power of "lasers" we can safely destroy the biofilm without harming the memorial or its ecosystem. Well, unless you consider the biofilm as part of the ecosystem. I think a spotless Jefferson Memorial will be a welcome sight on the Mall.

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