Thursday, July 25, 2019

A Weekend Backpacking Trip's worth of Food

We've got a weekend backpacking trip coming up and I'm trying to be somewhat methodical about the food I bring. Here's what I've got planned so far:

That's 2 meals on Friday, 5 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. A meal is defined as 450'ish calories of food.

Friday's meal 2 (aka, dinner) isn't shown because it's a communal meal of hot dogs, buns, mashed potatoes and marshmallows. This is our goto first-night-on-the-trail meal, and it almost isn't backpacking without it.

I'm trying two experiments, one a bit riskier than the other. For Saturday meal 3 (aka, lunch), I've brought instant pudding mix and powdered goat milk. I'm hoping I can whip up some tasty pudding. Saturday meal 5 (aka, dinner) is even more riskier: it's instant rice, TVP and Big Daddy Cheese Powder. I'm very excited about the cheese powder, as it's made with microbial rennet and is therefore vegetarian. In theory, this meal cold soaks in about 40 minutes, which I may try. I'm hoping that after a long day of walking even if this meal is a bust, I'll still enjoy it.

Other than that, I'm bringing the usual set of bars, nuts and some pre-packaged gorp (thank you Trader Joe's!).

It'll be interesting to see if 450 calories per meal is enough, or if I'll kick myself. Still, I like the idea of being quantitative about it, rather than bringing along a heap of snacks and hoping for the best.

The weekend's food, minus the Friday night's dinner weighs in a 1lb, 12oz.

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