Tuesday, July 02, 2019

More Columbia Pike Adjacent Fishing

Given the fishing success I had at Holmes Run, I was curious if a creek-like section of Four Mile Run would have similar results. So last night I made my way back down Columbia Pike and took advantage of the free parking at Arlington Mill Community Center.

I took the stairway down to the run and walked North. The water level was low, but I remained undeterred. Within 50 yards of entering the run I found what appeared to be a pool that was a couple of feet deep. I tossed in a small orange grubby plastic thing and bam! a sunfish snatched it up. I had my answer: there were definitely fish here!

For the next hour I made my way up the run, finding pools and pulling in sunfish. Obviously, they weren't huge, but for the size of the run they were actually pretty chubby.

At one point I came across a point where faster water was flowing between two rocks. I could see some larger fish--perhaps trout--hanging out in this section. I tried variety of baits, but they weren't biting. Still, this tells me that there's definitely interesting fish to be had in this section of the run.

Like Holmes Run, I was impressed at the solitude and nature factor. It was easy to forget that I was just a few hundred feet from homes and buildings. It was a relaxing time, with only the occasional runner, walker or biker passing by to break the illusion that I was fishing in a pristine wilderness.

If you're looking for an easy fishing option, look no further than Four Mile Run near the Arlington Mill Community Center. What you'll give up in terms of stalking monster fish, you'll make back in convenience and simplicity. And I'm so going back with more gear to try to land me some trout.

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