Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Las Vegas Adventure - Day 2

[Composed 11/27/2019]

Today we logged about 12 miles of walking, nearly all of it spent exploring the Vegas Strip. We visited the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the canals of Venice and the ruins of Rome. Of course, none of this is real, but that's Vegas for you. Some of the sites on the strip really do measure up: the gardens at the Bellagio were impressive, and many of the hotel facades are cleverly done.

But then you've got sites like the animatronic Atlantis show which in its heyday must have been something special, but is now pretty tired. As if to emphasize the point, part way through the show the power to the characters was cut and the whole thing froze. Still, the aquarium that the show is mounted on was filled with interesting fish, so that's something.

Other highlights from the day included: the impressive Air Jordan display in the back of the Nike Store. It covers the evolution of a single shoe from 1984 to today. Shira was impressed that I managed to find a museum in a Nike store. I also enjoyed the gondola display at the Venetian hotel, which let's you learn about a historic gondola. Shira had more fun with craps at the Venetian, but to each their own.

While browsing through a gift shop Shira found what I thought was an especially clever souvenir: the casinos trim the corners off the decks of cards they use and then you can buy them for like $2.00 each. I'm always looking for high value, affordable, portable, functional and unique things to bring home from a destination, and these decks of cards checked all the boxes. So if you do make it Vegas, this may be an easy gift worth searching out.

What a luxury it is to have a day to just wander!

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