Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tybee Island Adventure, Day 1

[Composed 7/30/2021]

After spending the day criss-crossing Florida, we finally made it to Georgia and Tybee Island! As I write this, we've got 5 very overtired children buzzing with excitement upstairs.

We started the day in Jacksonville and picked up our first batch of kids in Ocala. That transition went smooth enough. And then it was back to Jacksonville for a very tasty lunch at Gili's Kosher Restaurant. Between the restaurant and our car we ran into my cousin Lindsey who was shocked to see her DC cousins wandering the streets of her city. After we convinced her that she wasn't going crazy, we spent a few delightful minutes catching up and then it was off to pick up the 5th kid for this week's adventure.

With all 5 kids packed like sardines into the massive GMC Yukon, we made our way to Georgia. Because of Covid we missed traveling all together last year, so we were way overdue to see the kids. While they've all gotten bigger (J especially, yeesh!), what seemed most apparent is they've all gotten louder. Or maybe we've just never had all 5 together.  If the decibel level was anything to go by, the kids were quite excited to be on an adventure together.

On our way to Tybee we stopped off at a Bealls Outlet to pick up some last minute supplies (like matching Minecraft T-shirts, of course). As we checked out, I noticed the kids were making a bit of commotion. Guys, I said a bit exasperated, what the heck's going on?

The kids had discovered a cockroach near the check-out counter. While the girls were keeping their distance, D and J had immediately leapt into action: they were on a mission to save said cockroach. I'm not entirely sure what their plan was, but they tried valiantly to lead Roachy over to the entrance so he could get outside and be free. It was all too precious.

Back in the car, it was a straight shot to Tybee Island where we got to see amazing views of the Georgia coast.

After a long day of travel we arrived at our VRBO and everyone pitched in and helped unload the seemingly endless stream of luggage and supplies. We then had a delish Shabbat Dinner of fried rice and goulash that we'd taken out from Gili's.

While I've implored the children to get some sleep, everyone's just too excited to do so. Tomorrow we head to the beach and the fun can really begin. Like the kids, I can't wait!

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