Thursday, January 05, 2023

Starting 2023 Off Right: Exploring Huntley Meadows

If there's a better way to start a year than with a New Years Day Hike, I surely haven't found it.

The weather cooperated and we had an awesome hike at Huntley Meadows with G, his Mom, Shira and our little one. Apparently enough time has passed since my last hike through Huntley Meadows that I'd forgotten just how delightful a location it is.

The well packed trails and boardwalk meant that Shira and my Sister-in-Law could bring strollers for the little ones, though G spent most of the hike walking.

We had some delightful flora and fauna sightings, including an impressive cluster (or was it a troop?) of what appeared to be turkey tail mushrooms. We spotted a number of Northern Pintail ducks. At first glance, these looked like 'normal' ducks, but thanks to my kid friendly binoculars I could see that these were far more handsome. My photos don't do these guys justice.

We caught sight of a bale of turtle lined up sunning themselves. While this may be common, it always makes me smile whenever I see it.

Finally, we came across a patch of red berries, which Google tells me were rose hips. While they were fun to photograph, I wish I'd collected some for drying and tea making. I've since learned that rose hips are typically collected after the first frost, so it's wild edible that would be perfect to search out this time of year.

Here's to a 2023 filled with family, adventure and discovery!

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