Friday, April 21, 2023

Encountering NY's Finest

Does heaven exist? It's a question theologians have grappled with for millennia.

Turns out, it does, and it's located in Nanuet, NY.

Last Sunday, at 6:30am, we walked into Rockland Bakery and we were greeted by an amazing display of mouth watering desserts.  I noticed a letter hanging above the display cases that announced the establishment was under Kosher supervision. Sweet!

After making some difficult decisions (apparently, "I'll take one of everything!" didn't seem like a reasonable request), we finally approached the cashier and asked for our selections to be boxed up. While we were at it, we asked if they had any bagels. It was a bagel recommendation from one of Shira's coworkers, after all, that was our motivation for tracking down the bakery in the first place. For bread, the lady behind the counter explained, you'll need to walk through that corridor, grab some gloves, and pass through a pair of double-doors to make your selection. Not quite sure what to expect, we followed the nice lady's instructions.

And just like that, we were in heaven. Before us was a smorgasbord of fresh bread in every shape and size. The area hummed with action, as piping hot bread ran along various conveyer belts. One machine pooped out hot bagels, while another produced an infinite stream of small loaves. In awe, we clumsily filled a couple of brown paper bags with bread products of all types.

Back at the checkout counter, and reunited with our pastries, the cashier rung us up. To our surprise, the prices were impressively low. 

Even though it was only 7am, I immediately downed my whip cream eclair. Shira showed more restraint, and waited till the airport until she tried one of the black and white cookies she had bought. There were outstanding. Probably the freshest and tastiest she's ever had, and this is a woman who knows a thing or two about black and white cookies. And the jelly donut. Oh, the jelly donut. I was going to try just a bit of it before our flight, but ended up snarfing the whole thing down.

Just typing this blog post up again has me thinking about defrosting some of the goodies we froze from the bakery. It was all that good.

So how does one get to heaven? Easy, just ask Google Maps.

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