Monday, July 17, 2023

Tucson Adventure - Day 1

[Composed: July 6, 2023, High in Tucson: 109°F]

The first day of our Tucson adventure wasn't actually spent in Tucson. Instead, we made it to Jacksonville where we picked up J, then headed over to Tampa to connect up with the rest of the kids.

Our flight to JAX was easy enough, and the trip from Jacksonville to Tampa was straightforward, too. We stopped at Sayulita Taqueria for yummy tacos.

As we approached Tampa, we stopped by the Columbia outlet to make some last minute hot-weather gear purchases. We wanted to make sure all the kids had sun-hoodies and high-quality hats. The weather in Tucson was supposed to be brutally hot and we wanted to go in as preapred as possible.

Given the promise of insane heat, we had another concern: the insulin in D's diabetic pump. Apparently insulin begins to breakdown above 87°F, and we were going to be far outside this range. In the past, we tried keeping his pump cool with the Frio Pump Wallet. The Frio cooling products are generally awesome: with little effort you can keep meds in a cool temp for days without worry. But alas, the Frio Pump Wallet, was too small for D's pump. For this trip, we picked up the much larger Large Frio Cooling Wallet. This fit the pump, but had no way to be attached to a belt. I spent a goood chunk of our ride from Jacksonville to Tampa hand sewing some strips of webbing I'd brought from home to the wallet. The result isn't going to win any neatness points, but it should make the wallet functional. Why Frio doesn't bother to include belt loops on their wallets is beyond me. Regardless, this gave me a task to work on and the drive flew by.

Tomorrow we fly out to Tucson and the adventure really begins!

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