Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kosher Is Back At The Ball Park

What a pleasant surprise to find National's Stadium once again has a Kosher vendor. I'm about to chow down on a meat.

Finally, I can eat just as unhealthy as my seat neighbors.

Now, if the Cubbies win, this game will be complete.


  1. Wow. The Cubs SMOKED the Nationals. 11 to 3? Yeesh. You guys could've left after the 4th inning. 7 runs...that's just pathetic.

  2. Hey, us cubs fans need to savor every inning of a win ;-)


  3. I found your blog while googling "add a kitchenette" this morning (for reasons that are probably self explanatory) and I've now been on a here a sufficient amount of time to be deemed creepy. (To be fair, there's lot of good stuff.) On my way out, however, this post caught my eye and damn if you aren't a Cubs fan! I now feel less creepy since this blog magnetism was obviously beyond my control. So…nice kitchenette…adorable fam…thanks for the politics test link…and GO CUBS!

  4. Jen -

    I'm glad you had a chance to poke around and found stuff intersting.

    I returned the favor and checked out CUBlogging - excellent job! Now I know where to head when I need a does of Cubbie chatter.




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