Monday, July 27, 2009

Sarah, Promise me this isn't goodbye

Check out Sarah Palin's exit speech from office:

While not quite as winding as her resignation speech , and lacking the cool wardrobe selection of her media interviews, she still managed to not disappoint me. In a single speech, she:

  • Explain what a fantastic job she did as governor and all the wonderful things she accomplished
  • Explain that government is the problem and not the solution
  • Reiterate that it's obvious why she's stepping down: a lame duck Governor is powerless
  • She's going to fight harder than ever for Alaska

The contradictions between these statements seems so obvious to me, that when I try to write them out, my head actually begins to hurt. I just can't reconcile them. If you want to fight for Alaska, what better job than Governor? Aren't you only a lame duck Governor because you decided you wanted to be one? If you did such wonderful things as Governor isn't that proof that government can do good things?

The logical part of me thinks that John Feehery is right, it's time for us to move on past Sarah. But oh, the guilty pleasure I'd miss by not keeping up with her. I can only hope she keeps tweet'ing away!

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