Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Buenos Aires - Day 6 - More Closings and More Tango

Apparently all of Buenos Aires is conspiring against me seeing its museums. Yesterday, we arrived at one museum, after a long shlep to find that it was closed on Tuesdays (though the guidebook said it was open). And we abandoned our trip to another museum when the metro appeared to be disrupted in that direction.

That's not to say we didn't have a good time. We ate at this wonderful old bar and had surprisingly good food (tip: tortilla means omellete, not the flour thing a burrito is wrapped in. You can imagine my surprise when the former, and not the latter arrived at my table), did fun shopping and learned first hand that Patagonian Dulce De Leche is heaven in a jar.

After a nap, we went to dinner (at 8:30pm, early by the local standards) and made our way to a Milangos - or tango dance hall. The plan was to see real Buenos Aires residents dancing, instead of the glitzy pros.

In what I thought was a great sign, the place Confiteria La Ideal, was open. Whoo!

One small detail - at 10:45pm, when we arrived, there was no one dancing. Nobody. By 11:30pm, there were 5 couples mixing it up. In theory, by midnight it may have almost become hopping.

The whole scene was actually the perfect ad for AARP. Most of the dancers were over 50, and the young folks like ourselves were all there to watch.

Oh, and to prove that our streak of things being closed isn't up - on my run today I checked on the British Tower - don't you know, it's closed for renovations?

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