Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buenos Aires - Day 5 - Heaven, Hell and Tango

Given the luck we've had this trip, we weren't surprised at all when we arrived at the world famous Colon Theater, only to find that it's closed for renovations. D'oh. Yet another tour that Shira has dodged.

One tour we did get to take was of the Palacio Barolo. This building, from the early 1920's, was originally the tallest building in South America. It was constructed around the theme of Dante's Inferno, with symbolism throughout the building representing Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. On top, is a lighthouse, with an incredible 360 degree view of Buenos Aires. This was a must-see sight.

At night, we took in a tango show, and although we feared it was a tourist trap, we felt like we were the only (US) Americans there. The show was like watching a racy version of ice skating, but with the stars on high heels. It wasn't a local dance hall, but it was worth the glitz.

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