Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Instant Trivia Contest

Tonight a group of us had hoped to get in on a trivia night at Rock Bottom in Arlington. But, alas, all the seats at the bar area were already reserved, so we were out of luck.

Or were we - we decided to have our own trivia night at our table. I busted out my G1 and was fortunate enough to find www.triviaplaying.com.

The site is drop dead simple - with pages of question/answer pairs. After coming up with some quick rules (you can answer before the question is finished, but you only get one answer) and we were off and running. We covered general trivia, the 80's, the 90's and science topics.

It was tons of fun, and I was impressed how evenly divided the scores were.

I definitely recommend checking out www.triviaplaying.com - the site has something for everyone, and the list of questions are a good length so you can complete a set before people get tired of the topic.

I could see using these questions at parties, ice breakers, during presentations or whenever else you want to engage groups of people.

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