Monday, June 15, 2009

E.Coli, Syphilis, Ebola - Awwww, How Cute

Coming from a family of Biologists that produced an Immunologists and a Doctor, I'm quite certain I would have played with these stuffed animals growing up. They are a collection of Giant Microbes that are in stuffed animal form.

From the common cold, to herpes, to mad cow - they've got an impressively complete selection.

And, check out some samples below - are they not totally cute? Oh, and can you guess who these guys are? (answers below in small print)

In order from left to right: Penicillin, E. Coli, Ebola


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Maybe I'll get you one for your next birthday. Then you can always remember me as "the girl who gave you herpes." It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Yeah, some friends gave us Herpes and Gonorrhea a while back. I like to throw them to people, so when they instinctively catch them I can laugh and say tell them, "You just caught Herpes from me" or "I just gave you Herpes."

    I let my kids play with our Herpes and Gonorrhea, too. Yes, these cute, plush STDs are fun for the whole family! In this way we are teaching them that Herpes and Gonorrhea are cute and fun. That's a lesson that should serve them well later in life!

    Really, though, I explained to my kids in simple terms that these are cute representations of awful, gross diseases. I nicknamed Gonorrhea "yucky peanut" and Herpes is "yucky star" or something like that. :)

  3. jerseygirl77 -

    You're such a giving person, thanks for the thought! ;-)

    spugbrap -

    If I ever need parenting advice, I know where I'm turning to ;-)