Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cramming for the Virignia '09 Democratic Primary Election

I'm woefully unprepared to vote in today's Democratic Primary Election. Prior to this morning all I knew was:

  • There's an election of some kind today
  • My phone had been ringing off the hook with robo calls. We got 7 on our voice mail yesterday, and who knows how many didn't leave voice mail. Now I totally get the Stop Political Robo Calls Movement - man they are a nuisance.
  • I knew of one candidate - Adam Parkhomenko, who was going door-to-door and actually shook my hand and asked for my vote. Got to love small town politics where you can actually meet the candidates.

And that's about it. Like I said, I didn't have much to go on. In my attempt to cram this morning so I could actually make a slightly informed vote I found the follow. First, here are some clips from a local news station that interviewed all the candidates for Governor. The interviews are short and not very informative, but at least there some opportunity to compare apples-to-apples here.

And here are some clips for those running for Lieutenant Governor. Whatever you do, don't vote for Jon I. Bowerbank - he's dropped out of the race.

And now I've got to go sort out the House Of Delegate candidates. Oh, and I should probably fine some time today to actually get to the polls or all my research will be for naught.

I have a feeling that the voter turnout today is going to be embarrassingly low - of course, that just makes my lame attempt at voting that much more important. Gulp.

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