Monday, June 29, 2009

Super Size Me

McDonalds isn't usually considered a treat - but when it's the only Kosher McDonalds outside of Israel, one can make an exception.

Mmmm....the food may be awful for you, but at least it's guilt free (from a religious sense, anyway).


  1. david4:09 PM

    Aw man, what'd ya get?! I mean, I would never eat the stuff, but like you said, when can you try one of america's staples. An exception must be made, and you have to try EVERYTHING. Hope you got a Big Mac, some Chicken McNuggets, fires, One of their grilled chicken duhikies, a chicken salad, and whatever else burger choices they have. Just try them all, why not. Oh, and bring home some for your brother :) . Looks like all is going well, hope the hotel was a good pick.
    Miss you guys,

  2. Here's the sad part - they didn't have any burgers, so I had to get a chicken sandwich and some nuggets.

    I know, how sad, right?

    Alas, that's been normal for this vacation.

    There's been one exception to this run of luck we've been having: the hotel we ended up going with was absolutely perfect.