Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buenos Aires - Day 4 - Visiting Uruguay

Just about everything on our side trip to Uruguay went well. The ferry over there was nicer than many plane trips we've had, the city was easy to walk around in, lunch was excellent and we made it back to BA safe and sound. Even the 90% chance of rain prediction turned out to be wrong, and the day actually got nicer as it wore on.

We spent our time in old town Colonia, which was a pretty small place. The museums were actually just small homes that had been filled with interesting artifacts. There wasn't much English to read, so we had to guess as to what we were seeing. One of the museums appeared to be filled with the archeological finds of the local indigenous people - which consisted almost entirely of case, after case, of round stones. Though, one of the museums did surprise us with a impressive collection of dinosaur fossils found in the area.

We're back on home territory - and it's now 7:30pm, which is the absolute earliest anyone in Buenos Aires appears to eat. After that, we hope to have an anniversary trip to the casino to celebrate our good luck at being married for 11 years!

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