Monday, June 01, 2009

Multiple Gmail Accounts On The G1 - And how to Keep your sanity

When you setup your G1/Android phone you have to enter a Gmail address. This gives you seamless access to your Google Account.

But what if you have two Gmail accounts? I've got my business Google Apps account and my person @gmail address.

I found the business apps account integrated perfectly. But when I plugged my Gmail address into the mail client, it was a disaster - mail never seemed to be delivered reliably, and my inbox was a mess. Plus, I had now way to cleanup the hundreds of messages that got downloaded unintentionally.

How ironic was it that my Google phone made reading my Gmail mail nearly impossible, while my Sidekick did fine with it.

Then, while poking around the phone checking out Cupcake changes it hit me. Why aren't I using imap support with gmail and the e-mail app?

Out of force of habit, I had selected POP settings when I setup my @gmail address. That was a definite mistake - POP wants to slurp down my e-mail into the handset. A bad idea.

Imap on the other hand allows the phone to act as a portal into my Gmail account. Changes made in the account show up on the handset, and vice versa.

The system isn't as flawless as the custom Gmail app, but it's a night and day difference. All of a sudden, my e-mail is managable and in sync in both the phone and on the web.

Do yourself a favor - when using multiple Gmail accounts on your phne, use imap. You'll be amazed at how well it can work.

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  1. i have two gmail accounts as well, and i want to use the mac mail client for both of them. but, when i try to set-up the second gmail account (after inputing the server information into mac mail) mac mail indicates an error has occurred stating that the server information is already in use.

    ben, do you know it possible to configure to work with my google apps account and my regular email?