Friday, June 12, 2009

Review: Ireland's Four Courts Restaurant

For years now, we've driven by Ireland's Four Courts restaurant located in the Court House area of Arlington. It's got a distinctive enough facade that I've always been interested in going in, and finally last night, I had the chance to actually try it.

Let me see if I start off with some positive aspects of the night. The service was attentive and fast. The beer, in my case Samuel Adams Boston Lager, was tasty and plentiful. The ambiance was good, with the noise level being low enough that we could all talk comfortably.

So what does that leave? Oh, yeah, the food. Personally, I can't give Four Courts high ranks here. But, I blame this one on myself, not them. I'm not exactly sure what my though process was - but I ended up ordering the tasty sounding veggie quesadillas. I mean really, who in their right mind orders Mexican food at an Irish Pub?

Well, I got what I deserved. While the quesadillas weren't outright bad, they certainly weren't stellar. Everything about them was a little off - the flour tortilla was more pasty dough than tortilla, the salsa was not quite the right consistency, and finally there was the guacamole. The guac had an odd coloring / finish that made it appear almost to be fake. Like I said, it wasn't bad tasting - just off.

Everyone else's meal seemed put together well. Shira got the jerk tuna salad, which I had a bite of and found to be tasty.

What I really have to do is head back to Four Courts and try something that they actually have a chance of specializing in. If only Fish 'n chips could be made in a way that was actually good for you. Perhaps the medicinal effects of Guiness can be used to outweigh the fried-badness of Fish 'n Chips? Sounds like an experiment I'll have to conduct.

Anyone else given Four Courts a try and have a recommendation?

Oh, and kudos to the web team at - they rank #1 in Google for the search 4 courts. That's impressive.

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