Thursday, June 04, 2009

The New Look Explained

It was time. The blog needed a refresh in look. If I saw that ugly yellow'ish color one more time...

And more importantly than that, I wanted to upgrade to the new (now quite old, actually) Blogger layout system that allows me to plug in widgets easily. This should make adding to the site easy(ier) in the future.

So why stick with Blogger? I still believe that Blogger provides the best ratio of features (your own custom domain name, e-mail to blogging capability, etc.) to simplicity in use. That simplicity is key, as one of my goals of this blog is for it to be repeatable by even the most novice of users. That is, if you want to start publishing content, this blog should serve as an example of how easy it is to do just that.

That's not to say Blogger is perfect. Why the heck do they still have the same 9'ish templates they've always had? I mean really, you can't come up with 3 new ones a month or something? I guess I should just Google around for templates and use one from a 3rd party site.

And what the heck's up with not having a way to search through the thousands of widgets you guys have? You do recall that you're owned by Google, the pros at search? [D'oh, I totally missed the little search box at the top of the Gadget popup. Of course, you can search.]

But enough complaining - the upgrade in look was easy to do and now future changes should be a breeze. And besides, what do you want for free?