Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A US Army Code Name List

OK, I'm not at all sure why this this of US Army Operation Code Names fascinates me, but it does. Here's a few samples:

BLOCKBUSTER World War II plan for Canadian II Corps offensive in the Calcar-Udem-Xanten area

BLUE SPOON United States Southern Command complex of operational plans 1988-1989 covering various contingencies in Panama

BLUEHEARTS Korean War draft plan for amphibious landing; abandoned 10 July 1950 and replaced by CHROMITE

BOLERO World War II (1942) plan for offensive operations against Germany on the European mainland and for the build-up of US forces and supplies in the United Kingdom for the cross-Channel attack

Perhaps it's a fun way to learn about history? Or maybe inspiration for naming a product or concept? Or maybe it would be a source of useful place holder text? Or maybe it's just useful to sound snobby at parties (you do know operation Vulcan, don't you?).

Luckily, things on the Internet don't need to justify their existence. If they did, we'd have a whole lot less content out there.

What do you think, could this list have a use?

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