Friday, June 16, 2006

5th Grade Graduation

Tonight we had the pleasure of seeing Forrest graduate the 5th grade. We got an extra opportunity to hoot and clap because he won a "presidental award for academic excellence" (yes, I am aware of the massive irony of that statement).

He's on his way to middle school, which I'm sure he'll do great at.

The graduation message was simple and to the point. The principle first read a few pages from Dr. Suess and then talked about how parents should stay involved in their kids lives, even though middle school may seem like a time to give them space. Makes me wonder if most university graduations could learn a thing or two from this event.

If I rember correctly, I really enjoyed 5th grade. I had Mr. Stevens as a teacher. He wore sneakers to class, even if it didn't match his outfit. Oh, and when we did a "what do you think you'll be when you grow up," I said '"marine biologist" and he said "soccer player" (which confuses me now as much as it did back then. Who becomes a soccer player for a living?). Looks like we were both wrong.

Way to go Forrest, we are both proud of you.


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