Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Doing My Civic Duty

After work, like good citizens, Shira and I went and voted in the Senate primary race.

We just checked, and the race is over. Webb won. Personally, I'm just happy the democrats didn't find a way to lose this election too.

Yesterday I complained that I coudn't find Miller's website. It turns out that it's www.miller2006.com. Did I find this out by reading the flyer left at my doorstep today? Nope. The URL wasn't to be found anywhere on that sheet of glossy paper.

Instead I got the URL from one of the hundreds of Miller signs that my brain had been filtering out for me over the past few weeks.

How a senate candidate can publish a door-to-door flyer without his URL on it is beyond me.

I was also dissapointed with Miller's site because he only had the most vague descriptions of his stance on things. I would have preffered it more if he had simply come out and said where he stood on certain issues.

Clarity? Directness? Hmmmm, sounds like I'm asking a bit too much from a politician.


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