Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger Bloggers Rejoice - Blogger Gets Pages

I've always been a fan of Blogger as a personal publishing platform. But one feature WordPress got right from early on was the ability to have both Posts and Pages. While the choice between when to use a Post or Page could get confusing, the notion that sometimes you want to publish static information as a Page was quite sensible.

Well, Blogger has finally caught up in this respect: you can now create pages.

For example, my welcome page, should be just that - a Page and not a post.

I guess I'm pleased to see that Blogger is still continuing to evolve. I guess I'll continue to like it.


  1. if you use, they announced pages a while back (not that I've had time to even look into them) but today when I decided to check out the draft sight based on your post, I noticed a new 'Template Designer" option under the 'Layout' tab. I'll have to play with that later for sure. I'm not sure if it is in the mainstream blogger yet, but draft is open to everybody anyways.

  2. Nick -

    I'm sure I'm late to the game about the page stuff. But, as you can see, I was psyched and couldn't resist mentioning it.

    Yeah, is probably what I should be using exclusively these days.