Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Resource For Finding DC Local Hikes

Our plan is to try to do a little light hiking with my Mom tomorrow. However, the usual book I use to find hikes wasn't finding anything close in enough for our tastes.

A little poking around Google and I found a most excellent resource: LocalHikes: Washington-Baltimore, Washington, DC. This is an impressive list of hikes that are within the DC metro area. I found a couple short ones that were within 30 minutes drive of our place - just what I was looking for.

Besides the comprehensive nature of the site, I also like all the info they give about each hike, including reviews. The best part, though, is that included in each trail head description is the latitude and longitude of where to start. That solves one of the biggest challenges to taking a hike - finding the right start point.

Hopefully the weather will hold, and we'll get in a little adventure tomorrow.

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