Wednesday, April 28, 2010

34 Reasons To Be Happy

34 reasons to be happy today...

  • 1. I'm married to the most amazing woman
  • 2. I've got the most amazing child in my life
  • 3. I've got supportive and loving family and friends
  • 4. The roof doesn't leak.
  • 5. The washing machine may be broken, but the repair guy is coming tomorrow
  • 6. I love the work I do
  • 7. My business lets me interact with terrific clients
  • 8. I get to learn new things every day
  • 9. We've got both ice cream and whipped cream in the house, and their only a short walk away throughout the day
  • 10. I've got two functioning cars which are fun to drive
  • 11. All 5 of my senses are in tip top shape
  • 12. I'm able walk, run and hike
  • 13. I've got the beat
  • 14. I belong to the warmest and friendliest shul on the planet
  • 15. I live in the best country in the world, and enjoy the most amazing freedoms
  • 16. I get to work in my PJs
  • 17. My brother just saved the day and picked up our (read: Shira's) dry cleaning on my behalf.
  • 18. I get to live in the age where information on any topic is only a few seconds away
  • 19. I get to create
  • 20. I'm still married to the most amazing woman
  • 21. I've got stuff to smile about
  • 22. I woke up this morning, and am on track to go to bed tonight
  • 23. I'm pain free
  • 24. I've got people pulling for me
  • 25. I'm well fed
  • 26. I just figured out how Joomla 1.5 URLs work
  • 27. I've got a Mom and Mom-in-Law who can Skype
  • 28. I don't have money worries (Money? That's the stuff I ask Shira for...)
  • 29. I've got all the stuff I need, and then some
  • 30. I get to go on adventures, both big and small
  • 31. I get to blog
  • 32. I have both Real and Facebook Friends
  • 33. I've got a Mom who endured schleping me around for 9 months, and then labor, and then survived my growing up (Dad helped with that last one).
  • 34. I'm alive, and successfully made it through another year on this Earth

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