Friday, April 23, 2010

More Questions About Women I Can't Answer

The other day Shira told me about this article she saw on CNN: Top 10 Paying Jobs For Women. Included was both Software Engineer and Programmer (please don't ask me to explain the difference, because I'm at a loss).

We marveled that say, unlike physicians, female programmers are actually paid pretty much what male programmers earn.

And then I had a thought - in my last 10+ years of programming, I have never, not once that I can think of, worked with a female senior level programmer. I've worked with plenty of talented women, but I can't think of a single case where she was a programming peer.

This got me wondering...

How come I've never had this thought before?

When I was a hiring manager, should I have diversified my team by trying to hire a woman?

Would a female programmer work / problem solve differently than male ones?

Seriously, this is blowing my mind. Here I thought I was working in a wonderfully progressive field, and I've essentially been in an all-boys club.


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