Thursday, April 15, 2010

Political Views Tests -- For Good or Evil?

I came across this somewhat spooky resume guide for getting hired as a Republican Staffer. (I assume the Democrats have a similar one out.)

The part that struck me the most was the small boxes where you need to summarize your positions on the following:

  • Abortion:
  • Gun control:
  • The federal budget deficit:
  • The federal role in education:
  • The best stimulus for the economy:
  • President Bush’s best domestic policy initiative:
  • President Bush’s worst domestic policy initiative:

<joke> - I assume there's no mention of Obama's worst polices, as there wouldn't be enough space on the page to fill them in. - <joke>

I'm proud to say that I do believe I know the Correct Answers to all these questions.

The cynic in me looks at this list and thinks - Aha! They're obviously using it to weed out folks who don't 100% agree with them. This of course, means you're only hiring people you agree with and end up creating an echo chamber where new ideas don't stand a chance.

But the optimist in me looks at this and thinks - Cool, they can quickly find folks who share some, but not all opinions. This means that they'll fit in with the staff, but also provide a fresh perspective where possible.

Which do you think?

Me, I like being an optimist.

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