Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Hack: Painter's Drop Cloth as Portable Containment Zone

When I originally bought our little one's booster seat (which, by the way I love), I made sure to stop by the hardware section and pick up some plastic painter's drop cloths. What can I say, I was preparing for the worst.

(Yes, I did feel a little strange checking out with only these two items. But I figured part of parenting is feeling strange.)

Turns out, we didn't actually have a need for the cloths. Our kitchen floor is basically durable enough to put up with our little guy's eating sessions, and for the living room, we've found a large towel works great.

However, yesterday we were invited over to brunch at someone's house - and because the booster seat is so portable, it was no problem to bring along. And into the diaper bag, I tossed a drop cloth.

Well, the brunch went great, and the drop cloth worked perfectly. Our little's guy's new signal for letting us know he's done eating is to switch from shoveling food into his mouth, to heaving it off his tray (yes, it's adorable to watch, and yes we're working on a more civilized way of ending our meals). The drop cloth was big enough that it managed to catch all the spray.

Being plastic, it cleaned up super easily and wasn't at all bulky to bring along.

From now on, when we travel with the booster seat, we also travel with a drop cloth or two. That is, until our little guy gets his table manners worked out.

Incidentally, it was myself, not our little one, who managed to get a gigantic red stain on his white shirt. Perhaps it's time to start wearing a big myself?

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