Sunday, September 05, 2010

Visiting the Seneca Park Zoo

While visiting Rochester, we took a family trip to Seneca Park Zoo. While not the largest or most exotic zoo I've ever been too, I have to say, it was an absolutely wonderful choice. The zoo has all the animal bases covered, yet, was compact enough that we could do it all with energy to spare.

This was our 12 month old's first trip to any zoo and he enjoyed it. Sure, he got more excited about the ball hanging in the rhinos' pen than the actual rhinos themselves (in fairness, he has a special affinity to balls as they were his first official word). But, as long as he was happy, we were happy.

The underwater view of the sea lions turned out to be the biggest hit. That's because he could get right up close to the clear blue water, and woosh, a big animal would swim by.

Below are a handful of photos. Yes, I was being a bit of smart ass (if you'll pardon the pun) with the photo of my Dad and Uncle Ron. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. And how cool is the photo of me, my dad, and my grandpa - the generations of Simons waiting. Classic.

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