Monday, September 06, 2010

Bull Run Mountain Hike

The weather in DC was perfect today and we all the had the day off for Labor Day, so I convinced David and Shira to hit the trail. I browsed through Washington, D.C. local hiking list till I found Bull Run Mountain. It was a 5 mile loop that promised a great view and historical ruins. I was sold.

The hike really was wonderful. We never found the promised 180 degree overlook. But, we saw plenty of historical ruins, including an eerie cemetary. This, along with well marked and maintained trails, made for an excellent hike.

The real highlight of the hike though, wasn't off in the distance. Nope, it was the 4 (or was it 5 or 6?) foot snake we nearly tripped over on the trail. It certainly got all our blood pumping.

Really, this hike is a winner and amazingly it's only 40 or so miles away from DC.

Some photos below...


  1. Ahh, for "the promised 180 degree overlook" you should go to my brother's house, on Bull Run Mountain. :)

    When his trees are trimmed, he's got an incredible view.

  2. I bet it's a sight to see - the area is gorgeous. And it's hard to believe just how close it is to DC.