Monday, April 18, 2011

Path to a Pleasantly Prepared Passover

Preparing for Passover this year has been surprisingly, well, not stressful (I can't go as far as calling it relaxing). The secret, I think was that I managed to spread the tasks out over multiple weeks. For example, I usually do a fridge cleaning marathon - but by spreading it out over multiple sessions, it was a lot easier.

Here, for my use next year, is basically the schedule I followed.

(NOTE: there's mention of 1 shopping trip here. Shira and David have probably made half-a-dozen. I'm on the cleaning team, not the shopping team, so their timeline and tactics don't concern me)

  • 4 weeks out: panic!
  • 3 weeks out: buy batch of Passover items (some Matzah and other essentials)
  • 2 weeks out: first pass of cleaning out the pantry, arrange the cleaning lady to make a visit, sell chumetz to the Rabbi's agent, donate some chumetz to the shul's food collection
  • 1 week out: first pass of cleaning out the fridge and freezer
  • 4 days out: clean out my car, have the cleaning lady come (whoo!)
  • 3 days out: do the final cleaning of the fridge, freezer and pantry, clean the oven and dishwasher
  • 2 days out: start bringing up dishes - running them through the dishwasher on rinse as we go, do a final house check for chometz stashed in backpack and other random places
  • 1 day out: finalize the cleaning of the kitchen, start cooking, search for chametz, get a hair cut for the Omer, go out for brunch and pizza
  • 0 days out: go to shul for the seeium, buy a new toothbrush, prepare for the evening's seder

Here's to a Happy, Health and Kosher Passover - Chag Semeach and L'chiam

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