Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What-I-Carry Wednesday: Urban Survival Kit

After seeing an Urban Survival Kit like this one (and this one, and this one and this one), I just couldn't resist making my own. Forget the Boy Scouts, this little project brought back memories of Cub Scouts, where we crammed a survival kit in a film canister. My, that was fun, though good luck to us if we ever needed one. Still, it planted the seed of preparedness.

So here goes - what I managed to cram in an Altoids Tin. It's worth mentioning that I decided: (a) to focus the kit on things that would actually be useful on a regular basis (b) I tried to limit what I stored in there so that it wasn't impossible to repack.


  • Two rubber bands
  • Blister treatment
  • A couple of standard band-aids
  • $20 in cash (a lot of money for a husband to be carrying around, thank you very much)
  • A large needle - figured if I'm carrying dental floss, might as well carry a way to use it for sewing repairs
  • A couple of waterproof matches and a striker. Sorry, as an Eagle Scout, I can't make anything with the world "Survival" in it that doesn't contain *some* way to start a fire.
  • Headphones / Hands-free for my cell phone. Probably the most useful item in the kit - turns my cell phone into a TV, radio and entertainment center in case I'm stuck unexpectedly some place
  • A roll of dental floss, which I fairly recently found has a million uses
  • A lightload towel - another million-use-item. From improved bandage, to signal device to emergency TP, it does it all
  • A P-51 can-opener - the take-anywhere (including through TSA checkpoints) multi-tool that just so happens to be super tiny and dirt cheap
  • 4 quarters - useful for feeding meters
  • A sheet of stickers - useful for keeping the little one happy. Also helpful for marking purposes
  • A small coil of wire - used to fill a void in the case and to keep stuff from jiggling around

So what's in your get-through-the-day kit?

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