Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tool of the Day: mysqlreport and its guide

I've always struggled with wrapping my head around the various configuration parameters of MySQL. Whenever I try to read the docs or look around for informative articles I either find obvious stuff I know (such as using explain to check for index usage) or the content goes way over my head in a hurry.

I saw the recommendation to give mysqlreport a try and because I'm always on the lookout for new tools I jumped at the chance.

The install couldn't have been more hacker friendly, with one option being:

 wget from your terminal 

With no crazy dependencies to fulfill, I was able to generate a report from one of my servers in just a few seconds.

As I glanced over the report my eyes definitely started to glaze over - so many numbers, and buffers and more numbers. And then I started reading the myqlreport guide. What a truly wonderful document. The author of mysqlreport not only takes you through the output of his software, but explains how the information presented interpreted.

It's the best read on MySQL performance I've ever found. It's fairly dense stuff, and you can't rush through it - but it's worth the read. Definitely a find.

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