Friday, September 02, 2011

Lorton Workhouse and Arts Center

For years now, we would drive past a curious sign on Route 395. It was a Brown Sign mentioning the historic Lorton Reformatory / Workhouse. A quick look at Wikipedia told me the site was an old prison and had been used to house protesting women suffragette's. How sweet is that?! Yet, for years, we just drove by. Until today.

Turns out, the prison grounds has been turned into a very cool arts center. Effectively, you can browse and for shop art (and take classes), all while doing so in a historically interesting context. As you enter a former cell block, you are greeted by an individual surrounded by a display of art. You can then wander back, and poke around the various studios and interact with any artists that may be around. It was very much like the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. There's a small museum on the grounds, which Shira managed to time walking by perfectly (they opened in 15 minutes).

Don't be like me and wait years to check this place out. It's a winner.

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