Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Full Day In Philly

Shira and I spent the day traipsing around Philadelphia, and when I say traipsing I really mean it. All told, we did about 16.1 miles of shlepping. Philly is a city that is near and dear to our hearts, as Shira went to school there, and I came to visit an embarrassing number of times. The city is so accessible to walkers.

We didn't have any particular sites in mind, so we just saw what we stumbled upon. We started with a yummy breakfast at Reading Terminal Market. We then took a tour of the Masonic Temple, which looked impressive from the outside and was even more so on the inside. If you like design or architecture, this is a must see.

We then hit the Mutter Museum, which is a site to see. It's a famous medical museum started in 1858. Where else can you see a 9 foot long human colon containing 40 pounds of fecal matter? Hopefully, nowhere. I'm usually the one who takes his time and tries to read every plaque in the museum. The Mutter Museum cured me of that, and I found myself skipping nearly all the details.

We then made our way to University CIty, where we tried to blend in among the college kids. Good gosh I'm old.

We doubled back and hit Chinatown for lunch. We found 3 vegetarian restaurants without even looking, and had lunch at Singapore Vegetarian which was quite delicious. Though after 13 miles of walking, anything would have probably tasted good.

We had a most excellent time and Philadelphia remains one of my favorite cities to explore.

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