Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Show. A Must Watch.

Not quite sure when I discovered The Show by Ze Frank, but I've been hooked since. It's bit hard to explain The Show: it's about 3 minutes of Ze talking. Some episodes are pure goofball, others making brilliant insights. They ran for one year from March 17th 2006 to March 17th 2007. They are continuously re-run in sequence. Here's the one from yesterday:

And here are two shows that that display a little more depth. One on picking a major in college and one on information overload:

And here's a show that's near and dear to my heart because it's about ideas:

I love quite a number of things about the show. I love how one individual with relatively few resources can make such powerful media. I love how he engages his audience so easily with wikis and other tools. I love his insights. I love the Bush era coverage that brings back memories of when Democrats were the patriotic ones for being outraged at the government. I love he tries out various experiments (let's play a chess game over a weekly video show - whoo!) with ease.

One day I may dig deeper and find out who this Ze Frank character is. But for now, I like the mystery of just being entertained in 3 minute blocks by him.

You can watch some of the best examples of The Show here. But really, you should subscribe to the RSS feed and take it in day by day, like nature intended.

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