Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Celebrating the 4th - A Roasting Good Time

I really should have spent more time working today to make up for our most recent vacation. But, how could I resist not playing on a day when Shira and our 7 year old were home all day?

They both humored me this morning, and let me take them on a hike through Potomac Overlook Park, which I'd previously done personally, but not with them. This hike really is a blast. The stream crossings and scenery make it feel like you're really in the wilderness, yet you don't have to leave Arlington County. As Next Door Nature opportunities go, this is definitely a hidden gem.

There was quite a number of downed trees from the recent super storm, but none stopped us from making it from the parking lot down to the Potomac. We did see one especially large tree blocked a section of the White Trail we didn't need to travel on. Man, that storm was powerful.

The other big activity for the day was hitting Long Bridge Park for a 4th of July celebration. Alas, it was a feels like over 100°, so there wasn't much of a crowd and we didn't stay long to celebrate. It brought to mind a cook-out, except we were the ones on the Bar-B-Q.

We finished up the evening watching the fireworks streaming live from and listening to the sounds of them in the distance. This turned out to be the most brilliant way ever to watch the fireworks: no traffic to fight, no worrying about arriving early to save a spot, a perfect view, and all from the comfort of our air conditioned house. Seriously, this may become our new tradition.

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