Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Manliest Bead Project. Ever.

Last year, I discovered Ranger or Pacer beads and promptly did nothing about it. Recently, I'd seen a couple of references to ranger beads and the idea popped back into my head.

Still, I didn't have any beads lying around, and the thought of spending money on something that would almost certainly get no use irked me. I thought about using pennies (moving one from my right to left pocket, every 10 steps, sort of thing), but even that never happened.

Today, while looking at a craft project on my desk from our 7 year old, I realized I did indeed have an ample supply of beads. Bazillions of them. They are the small kind that you put on a pegboard and then melt.

I gathered together a handful of beads and some pink cord, and I was off and running. I quickly realized, however, that threading these beads was going to be tricky. I grabbed a needle and thread, and that served to allow me to easily thread through a loop of the cord. Within 10 minutes, I had my self the cutest (and brightest) set of ranger beads ever.

It took me longer to find the tape measure to measure my stride (about 7 spaces = 10 meters), then it did to build out the project.

I'm still not convinced I'll actually get any use of these guys. And the smaller bead size seams that they are more fragile. Still, given the time and effort to make them, I'm glad I did. They may be handy for measuring other things, besides strides. For example, how often I go through a water bottle.

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