Sunday, July 01, 2012

Alaskan Adventure: Day 5

Because we didn't dock at a port, I assumed that day #5 was going to be an at sea day. You know, lots of gorgeous water and mountains in the distance, but not a whole lot to see otherwise. How wrong I was.

Day 5 consisted of a trip into Glacier Bay. At 6am, we had a park ranger board the boat, and from 7am to about noon, she talked us through what we were seeing over the PA system. Shira and I stood outside and gaped at the gorgeous scenery. We shot about 600 photos that day.

Along with an upclose view of a number of tide water glaciers, we saw a large pod of whales. The guide noted a number of bear sitings on the shore, but from our distance, they were the size of ants and effectively invisible to us.

The scenery here definitely messes with your sense of scale. The 800lb bear looks like an ant, and the 100 or 200 yard wide glacier is actually a mile wide.

The day was significant for another reason: it was 14 years ago to the day that Shira and I wed. Hard to believe it, it seems like just yesterday we had graduated college and a few weeks later got married. Best decision of my life, and one I'm thankful I made every day. And just like a glacier, the daily progress may be small, but over time amazing things are accomplished.

What a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Boy, am I in trouble for next year.

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