Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meeting Maya

Last night I met Maya! She didn't have a whole lot to say, most two week olds don't, I suppose. But she let me hold her for 30 minutes without making so much as a peep, so I'll take that as a sign that we're going to be fast friends.

Maya's big sister was registering off the charts for cuteness. She's at an age where everything she does is adorable - like the way she tucked in her various dolls to go to sleep.

What a joy it was getting to invade our friend's home and being surrounded these amazing kids.


  1. Thanks for the visit, guys! As expected, Maya woke up when you left. By the way, a little girl didn't want to go to daycare today... She kept asking for one last story from the princess book. :)

  2. :-)

    If we're going to cause problems, at least it's over a love a reading.