Friday, February 22, 2013

So not ready to have this conversation

As I was tucking our 8 year old into bed we got onto the topic of family resemblance. He explained to me that a person typically looks like his mom. No, I corrected him, you get your looks from both your mom and your dad. No, he pushed back, you get them mainly from your mom. After all, he reasoned, you come from your mom. "Yes, but" I started to say, and then trailed off as it suddenly hit me that I most definitely didn't want to get into the topic of how a daddy contributes to the birth of a baby. I mumbled something and tried to move on to the next topic.

He puzzled over my words. "Are you saying that Jeffery at school looks like his dad because his daddy carried him in *his* tummy?"

Crap. Now I've really confused the boy.

In the vaguest possible terms I tried to explain that he was right, babies always come from mommies.

I expect a phone call from the principal tomorrow asking me why Michael is spreading the rumor that some babies come from daddies, and some from mommies. Add to this fact that our son is absolutely fascinated by the fact that in DC, boys can marry boys, and girls can marry girls, and you've got one potentially very confused little boy.

Rule #1: never underestimate 8 year old logic.

I'm off to Google "What age should you teach your kids about sex?" My gosh, what did parents do before the all knowing internet?


  1. Good luck with this. At least the twins aren't interested in how mommy got a baby in her tummy, they just think it's cool that there's one in there. Chana keeps asking me to take it out so she can see it. *sigh* At least she hasn't asked me how it's actually going to get out of there...yet. Let me know if you have any tips on this one. ;-)

  2. loriose779:45 PM

    Answer honestly on an age appropriate level. I have explained that the dad gives the mom a seed to grow in her belly. They now how plants grow from seeds; not a huge leap to understand babies grow the same way. No need to tell how the seed gets in there until the question is asked. As for how the baby gets out, i've fielded that one. The mommy has a special place for the baby to come out. Where?, they ask. Between her legs. Nuff said, unless follow up questions are asked.

  3. Lori -

    Well explained! Thanks for the ideas.