Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gotcha of the day: Tweaking Blogger's Image Display Size

I'm loving the new image upload capability on Blogger. The multi-select capability to upload a bunch of photos at once is huge. And while I'm a bit skeptical about selling my soul to Google+, the ability to have super easy access to any of my cell phone photos is also amazing. The only thing I found missing is that I no longer get to choose what size my photos will be displayed at. At least I don't get easy access to this while editing in HTML mode.

Whenever I upload photos, the following code is dropped on the page:

<a href="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiKHtCunRQ-Y9k1usy9-yZ5oDithQG-iqk026M20A5PMKJVZB9vKG82v1RhXpXoDUCFSdJzoTIf9AuJgr5fxqrmn6SxHZO4Heu4t7m7mlogKvXDJAUT9H_nPdOdq1SZnd1IsagBeg/s1600/20130225_164926.jpg"
 imageanchor="1" ><img border="0" 

The default size to display images is 320 pixels wide. Turns out, I can set this to any arbitrary value by tweaking the HTML code a bit. I just need to change the img source URL component s320 to a new value. For example, I can take the above URL:


And change it to: s580, and now the page will show a 580 pixel image:


See this example live:

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