Friday, May 10, 2013

4 Macro Hacks Resources

Been loving macro photography of late and I took a few minutes to poke around to see what kind of hacks / improvisations people have come up with. Here are four handy resources:

  • Dirt Cheap Lighting Hacks - here are some recipes for creating a number of tools to help with lighting macro shots. These are clever ideas for helping to provide that little extra umph! to your macro shots.
  • Got a lens? You've got macro capability - this is a clever list of objects that can have their lens' extracted and re-purposed into a macro lens. Got a spare DVD player lying around? Or an extra pair of dollar store glasses? You've got a macro lens, you just don't know it.
  • DSLR - Lens Reversal Hack - if you've got a DSLR, then a $9.00 adapter can be used to flip the lens around. The result is an instant macro setup. As the article explains:
    Right off the bat, let me say that if you want to get serious about macro (close-up) photography this isn’t the best solution. There are good reasons that lenses are engineered specifically with that type of photography in mind. The downside is of coarse, those specialized lenses come with a price. At only $9 I highly recommend this as a starting point or way of experimenting with macro photography.
    The article then goes on to show some absolutely amazing shots. For $9.00, the results are really impressive.
  • Macro Photography Tricks - an excellent set of tips from the folks over at Photojojo. The lenses they sell are really high quality, while improvising can be fun, they'll get you right to the good part - taking photos.

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