Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Hipster Whiteboard

Combine my love of whiteboards, index cards, notepads and cramming stuff in my pockets and what do you end up with? The Hipster Whiteboard:

Inspired by the Hipster PDA, and specifically this keychain version I stumbled upon today.

Making a Hipster Whiteboard couldn't be any easier: simply cover a 3x5 index card in Scotch Packing Tape and you're done.

To complete the setup, I added a tiny whiteboard marker I picked up from Target recently for $1.00.

Will it be useful? Don't know. I can imagine it would be fun for a kid to play with. And I do love my whiteboards of all sizes. So it's a resounding maybe.

Perhaps I should apply a layer of tape to my tablet, so I can use it as a whiteboard? That may be useful for sketching ideas out at my desk.


  1. Exactly!

    Unfortunately, I've never had a project worthy of CRC cards...though in theory they are a terrific idea.

  2. When I was younger, and used to skin and scuba dive, I had a white plexiglass slate that you could use to write notes, messages, etc. with a grease pencil underwater. But it was so cool, that I used to use it on dry land all the time too. Your version is handier, cheaper, and much more portable!

  3. @TechNeilogy -

    I've often considered getting a diver's slate for the shower. But instead, just got a waterproof notepad. It's sad to say, but I love it.