Monday, May 27, 2013

Family, Food and Fun in Rochester, NY

This past weekend part of Shira's extended family got together for a family reunion. It was loads of fun, with lots of delicious food and opportunities to catch up with folks we haven't seen in years. But really, it was a chance to smother my sister-in-law's kids with love! I took well over a thousand pictures this weekend, but lucky for you, I've whittled them down to just the essentials.

Because the kids had to take naps they weren't able to tag along for the tour of Rochester the rest of the family was on. So, Shira and I took the kids and their nanny Michelle for a super quick trip to High Falls in Downtown. It turned out to be the perfect little mini adventure for us. The kids could oggle the falls, run on the bridge and take in a train crossing in the distance. Michelle got to catch a glimpse of iconic Rochester buildings and see a billboard for Genesee beer. And I got yet another reminder of how tiny and remarkable the city of Rochester is.

Family, food and fun. What more could a guy ask for?

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