Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Shots from the Hood, Including The Happiest Cat

It's hard to tell from the picture below, but that cat isn't just strolling through the neighborhood. He's strutting. I can tell the difference because in his mouth is a large, limp, rat. This is the second time I've seen him doing this; the first time I was so shocked I missed my chance to grab a photo.

Part of me thinks I should be outraged or disgusted by this scene, but more of me is impressed with the cat and thankful that the food chain is working. Sure, it's easier to stomach when the local food chain is invisible, but doesn't change the fact that it's there. For almost everyone but man it really *is* a jungle out there, with life and death being the struggle of the day.

Fortunately, these photos need less of an explanation and are a whole lot less deep.

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