Monday, April 14, 2014

DC in Bloom

Apparently every flowering plant and tree in the DC area has chosen this last week to explode with color. It's astounding. I can't walk anywhere without pulling out my cell phone to snap a few pictures. The biggest surprise was Theodore Roosevelt Island. Large swaths of the island are covered with a bright yellow wild flower; it's like out of a movie set or something. Truly gorgeous.

By the way, these are my first set of pictures from my new Galaxy S5. The camera does a number of new tricks which I've still got to learn. The image quality seems to be at least as good as the S3, if not noticeably better. Gone are the days when I'd take out my new cell phone, snap some pictures, and think "oh well, maybe my next cell phone camera will be usable." Nope, I've got to give credit to phone manufactures, they've really started packing their devices with very usable cameras.

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